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Our superior and tailored deals with hotels, lodges and resorts here in Ethiopia have made it possible for us to provide the best possible deals with different levels of insurance and best price guarantee for our customers.

Trust & Safety

From booking and rentals to hiking and safaris, with everything done to please our customers, safety and trust are insured to provide the maximum satisfaction and make sure a customer knows that the customer is always on the driver’s seat of the journey.

Best Travel Agent

Providing wide range of services, from the conventional reservation to travelling on your self-made tours in this magnificent place, we at tripCush have made it our mission to deliver the ultimate travel experience encompassing all aspects of travelling to Ethiopia.

Top Cars

travel companion
Land Cruiser V8 2016
Compact ,Premium
  • Auto
$144.00 /Day
travel companion
Minibus D4D 2006
$79.00 /Day
travel companion
Toyota Commutor D4D
$80.00 /Day
travel companion
LandCruiser 70 Series
    $100.00 /Day
    Toyota Coaster 2014 Model
    Toyota Coaster 2014
      $166.00 /Day
      travel companion
      Minibus 5L 2002
        $70.00 /Day
        travel companion
        Minibus 3L 1997
          $62.00 /Day
          travel companion
          D4D Pickup 2016
          • x2
          $103.00 /Day
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